UX Designer
October 2019
There are a variety of methods people use for getting the clothing they need. What are the motivations behinds peoples purchases.  How do they make overall decisions? What trends exist in the process? What will change this experience?

Problem Statement

How might we help customers find items in one place?
Learn about the frustrations people encounter while online shopping. What aspects do they want improved? How can we create a new and different experience?What technologies or apps can we be inspired by?


User Interviews
4 Interviews
Guided Storytelling

1. People that live busy lives do not want to interrupt their day for shopping in a busy city
2. Returning items is the biggest deterrent for online shopping
3. The least work and effort that has to be  done to get an online order complete, the better.
4. An on boarding system that is relevant to the overall experience and easy to complete is complete more often than not.
Competitive Analysis

4 Direct Competitors
2 Non Direct Competitors
Based on  9 criteria
Leading in field was Shopbop & Yelp

2 Personas
Savvy Shopper Will
Busy Shopper Julia
Revised Problem Statement

How might we create a quicker and more informed online shopping experience?
Site Map
Refined Wireframes

Usability Testing:

Resulted in adding more functions to the application
Address in the on boarding
Pairing the drivers screen
Catalogs per location or store
Map view + Grid View
Linked Accounts
Prototype & Final