Gap For Good

Gap for Good showcases the global initiatives that strive to improve the planet and our communities. This landing page allows customers to learn about all of the programs that Gap is involved in. The goal was to create a page where customers could learn about all important initiatives.


April 2022

Type of Project

UI Design


UI Designer



The Gap for Good landing page informs our customer on all of our sustainability and equality initiatives and successes. Our team was tasked with updating the current experience with new information.

We took it upon ourselves to reimagine the entire experience and make it more interactive. Because this page is text and information heavy, we asked:

How we could engage and excite our customer and provide all necessary information in one simple flow?

Competitive Research

The first step I took was to conduct a visual study of other sustainability and equality landing pages in the retail space. I wanted to identify industry trends on how color, typography and layout could guide this redesign. Researching competitor's sustainability pages guided my ideation phase.



The gap design system had already been establish before I was brought onto the project. These elements served as jumping off points for my design and allowed for a responsive design.



First and foremost, we needed to update our UI to match our new design system. This new system would ensure that the design would be consistent with our brand guidelines and can be responsive.


The large amount of content required an us to create an new information architecture.


Make this new design engaging and fun for the customer to interact with.



Given the amount of information we were tasked with presenting, we needed a strong navigation system to guide the user


A sticky navigation would help guide & anchor the user throughout this overall experience


This helped build the framework for our wireframes and final design