Dapper Dan
x Gap

The Dapper Dan x Gap campaign is a once a year collaboration with the Harlem-based designer. I designed the promotional assets for the campaign and was awarded the Gap Joyful Award for my contribution to the success of the project. Dap Gap hoodies sold out in under two hours online. Online sales were the dominant channel and totaled nearly 80% overall sales.


Oct 2022

Project Type

Digital Design


Web Designer


Hisotry customer base
Sales results

The online assets created resulted in product sell out in under 2 hours. Because a majority of customers are new to Gap Brand it was important to create a seamless online experience where they could easily access our product. Customers were able to search for Dap assets or see them via the homepage.

This resulted in nearly 80% of total sales across stores and online. This data is important for all future campaigns and drops.