American Dreaming

Creator & Graphic Designer
What really is the American Dream? How does an illegal immigrant define the dream? What about a naturalized citizen? How do you define the American Dream? Everyone has a uniquely captivating perspective that should be heard. With that concept in mind, American Dreaming was created with the purpose of sharing the incredible stories of the immigrants that make up this country. This book was made with the intention of educating others and cultivating a conversation about immigration.
Design Challenge: 

How can we educate others on the topic of immigration and potentially combat the stereotyping of immigrants?


Guided Storytelling Interviews
2 Student Visa Holders
1 Immigration Attorney
2 Permanent Residents
5 New Citizens
Design Solution:

Create a collection of stories & experiences for others to read
Educate others about immigrant realities
Create an experience so that everyone can participate in the American Dream conversation

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At the 2018 UW Design Show

Inspired by my desire to continue researching and listening to  stories I recreated the process of interviewing participants at the show. Participants were asked to be photographed and write down their definition of the American Dream on the photo.. These pictures and definitions were then displayed for all to see.